SharpSwift is North American digital services & IT Consulting start-up. Our mission is to empower all companies with the services & products they need to grow their business through positive reinforcements.

Today, with many customers around the world count on SharpSwift to power their talent and resource engines.

We committed to provide tailor-made solutions, ensuring optimum results. Our reliable and realistic recruitment planning matches the right talent to the source!

Whether you are:

  • An individual seeking a career change
  • A Start-up looking to build your team,fast.
  • Or Simply want a consulting solution for managing your business, we can help.

We offer a full range of Digital and IT consulting services. Our holistic approach enables us to assess your requirement thoroughly to provide a compelling plan that attracts top talent.We are committed to the integration of people with special conditions, and we process all applications in accordance with main principles of non-discrimination.

Our strength comes from a unique blend of our years of hands-on experience in IT, and hands-on recruitment experience with top technology giants of the world from silicon valley.